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Sad Songs for When You Need Them

Back in the ’90’s, I went through a breakup. It was hard. I thought the tears would never stop and I’d never find love again. But they did, and I did, and the rightness of this love makes it clear that that love was meant to happen and fail. Relationship aside, the best thing to … Continue reading

Learning about learning.

Here are some things I’ve learned about myself regarding how I learn: I hate buzzwords and acronyms. when hearing a lecture or reading an assignment, I will get stuck mentally obsessing on a typo for a long time.  Or how much I hate acronyms and buzzwords.  And then I spend an inordinate amount of time … Continue reading

Occasional Poetry

To my love, in our first year (Sept 2002) We kissed and began a dream a long and textured story that began at believing and found its way to knowing. We held hands in the street and the world found its way around us, eyeing us with curiosity, guarded against our honesty. Strangers blocking our … Continue reading

Dig me up.

Yesterday I was in kind of a pissy mood as I started off to work–just generally unhappy and allowing myself to be plagued by petty grievances.  On some level I knew I was just being silly, that everything really was all right.  In a moment of clarity, probably gleaned while I was passing one of … Continue reading