Learning about learning.


Here are some things I’ve learned about myself regarding how I learn:

  • I hate buzzwords and acronyms.
  • when hearing a lecture or reading an assignment, I will get stuck mentally obsessing on a typo for a long time.  Or how much I hate acronyms and buzzwords.  And then I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what the acronym is, if it’s new to me, even if I know generally what it means.  URL, for example.
  • I hate overwriting. long words and long explanations for simple concepts…such as this “information literacy” I’m reading about right now.
  • Here are two terms that drive me crazy:  “white papers” and “skill set.” “White papers” are, as I understand it, just further documentation about a subject, and in some cases, not even further.  I hate, I absolutely hate  when a perfectly good word already exists for something, like “skills,” and someone feels the need to “punch it up” by giving it a modernized name that means nothing, like “skillset.”  And “white papers” is a word for something that needs no word, it’s just written information on a subject.  and if you’re reading about it, it has  be written, doesn’t it?  “Skill set” I first heard in my corporate life at either Sony Studios or Paramount, in the context of matching me, the employee, to a job based on my skill set.  My set of skills, in other words.  My skills, in other words!  Damn it!



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